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Rottnest Island


The Rottnest Island Management Plan 2009-2014 includes several initiatives driving improved environmental, social and financial sustainability. These include working towards certification by EarthCheck, an internationally recognised sustainability program for the tourism industry.

The following policies have been adopted as a basis for improved sustainability.

Sustainability Corporate Policy (pdf 64.5 KB)

Sustainable Water Use Policy (pdf 63.8KB) 

Sustainable Energy Use Policy (pdf 68.5 KB)

Sustainable Procurement Policy (pdf 112 KB)

Transport Policy

To download or to view a copy of the RIA Transport Policy please click here

Sustainable Accommodation Trial 

From February 2011, visitors staying in Villa 205 at South Thomson Bay are experiencing the sustainable accommodation trial, part of improving sustainability of visitor accommodation on Rottnest Island and seeking EarthCheck sustainability certification.

Energy and water conservation features have been introduced. Metering water, electricity and gas use to measure savings, together with visitor feedback, will help to fine-tune the changes and decide what equipment and design will be adopted for wider use in future refurbishment. The aim is to reduce resource use and improve visitor comfort. Saving energy and water will have environmental benefits for the Island, save money and reduce greenhouse gas production.

Find out more in the Sustainable Trial Villa visitor compendium. Links to useful websites provide inspiration and advice about saving water and energy and improving sustainability in your own home.

Sustainable Visitor Capacity Report

A Sustainable Visitor Capacity Report was conducted for Rottnest Island by scientists from Edith Cowan University in 2009. The project examined the social, environmental, cultural and facilities capacity of nine sites on the Island with respect to visitor use. The sites were chosen to provide a representative cross section of the types of sites found on the Island. A hard copy of the project report is available for people to peruse at the Rottnest Island Authority reception located at E-Shed, Fremantle. Please note that the report cannot be borrowed or removed from the RIA reception. 

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