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Rottnest Island

Boat Mooring and Jetty Pen Rentals

Book Rental Moorings online 

Following overwhelming support and demand the Rottnest Island Authority has introduced an online booking system for not only marine rental moorings, but for bike hire and accommodation as well.

The new system allows users to book, pay and alter bookings up to three months in advance.

Group events - advanced bookings

Bookings for marine rental facilities can be made in advance of three months for those groups who have registered an event with the Rottnest Island Authority.  Please contact the Events Coordinator to register your event on 9432 9300.

Boat mooring and jetty pen rentals

The Rottnest Island Authority has offshore swing moorings, jetty pens and beach moorings available for rental.

Call Rottnest Island Central Reservations (08) 9432 9111 to make a booking, up to three months in advance, Monday to Friday between 8.30AM and 5.00PM or at the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre 7 days a week between 8.30AM and 4.00PM. Same day bookings can be made through the Visitor Centre on (08) 9372 9730 on Sundays and Public holidays only.

Please be aware that school and public holidays are subject to heavy demand.

To expedite the process please have available vessel details: registered length, registration number, beam, draft and current insurance details. For more information on mooring maps click here: 

Rental Moorings Map

New Beach Anchoring System in Thomson Bay

Moorings Maps of Boating Bays  


                                                                Low                        Shoulder               High

Beach Pen            7.5m                       $15                         $30                         $35        

Small Jetty Pen   7.5m                       $15                         $30                         $35

Large Jetty Pen  16m                        $20                         $40                         $50

Hotel Jetty            8m                          $20                         $40                         $50

Swing Mooring    <15m                     $20                         $40                         $50

Swing Mooring    15m to 20m          $40                         $60                         $80

Swing Mooring    20m to 40m          $60                         $60                         $100


Seasonal dates are displayed at: 

 Please view our Terms and Conditions for Marine Hire Facilities

Swing mooring rentals

Moorings to suit vessels of various sizes are available in Thomson, Geordie and Longreach Bays per day from 10am - 10am. Please note that moorings are not to be used until rental agreement forms are completed and the mooring rental fee has been paid. Use of moorings or pens without permission can incur an on-the-spot fine. During peak periods (1 December to 31 March, School & Public Holidays) the maximum duration of marine rental facility bookings is limited.

  • Thomson Bay 32 swing moorings  8m-35m
  • Geordie Bay 4 swing moorings 8m–14m
  • Longreach Bay 4 swing moorings 12m-14m

Jetty pen rentals

Pens are available on three jetties in Thomson Bay,

  • Stark Jetty (located north of the main ferry jetty) has five pens suitable for cabin cruiser type vessels of approximately 7 metres with a maximum draft of 0.5 metres.
  • Fuel Jetty (south of the ferry jetty) has 11 pens suitable for craft to approximately 7.5 metres, and 15 pens for larger craft from ten to 15.5 metres. Several have sufficient draft to accommodate yachts.
  • Hotel Jetty has 6 pens of up to 8.0 metres configured 3 per side. The “T” section of the jetty is a 20 minute loading area only. 8.0 metre vessels are permitted to tie up to the other mooring points along either side of the jetty closer to the beach for a maximum 2 hour stay between 6am and midnight.
  • Bathurst Beach Pens Mediterranean-style system of beach pens are available on the beachfront in the north (Bathurst) area of Thomson Bay, for vessels up to 7.5 metres with a shallow draft. Approximately 30 beach pens are available.