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Rottnest Island

About Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island, Western Australia's very own Island getaway featuring a casual atmosphere, picturesque scenery and some of the world's finest beaches and bays, is located just 19 kilometres off the coast of Fremantle.

Rottnest Island is a special place for Western Australians and a popular destination for interstate and international visitors. The Mediterranean-style climate and indigenous flora and fauna of this Island provide the backdrop to a special holiday experience.

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Facts and figures

  • More than 500,000 people visit Rottnest Island each year.
  • The Island is 11 kilometres long, 4.5 kilometres at its widest point, and the land area measures 1,900 hectares.
  • It is a 24km ride around the Island. Allow at least 2.5 hours for a leisurely cycle.
  • The Island is an 'A' Class Reserve managed by the Rottnest Island Authority. 
  • Each visitor to the Reserve pays an annual admission fee of: Day visitors adults $15.00, children (4-12 years) $4.50, children under 4 years are free, family (2dults+2 children) $34.50; Extended stay (overnight) adults $18.50 children (4-12 years) $6.75 children under 4 years are free, family (2 adults + 2 children) $43.75. These admission fees are included in the ferry fare, or as part of an annual admission fee for boat owners.

Rottnest Island weather and climate

Rottnest Island enjoys the same sunny Mediterranean climate as Perth, but is generally a few degrees cooler in the height of summer and enjoys warmer winters with less rainfall compared to the mainland.The four seasons are as follows:

Summer: Dec/Jan/Feb
Autumn: Mar/Apr/May
Winter: June/July/Aug
Spring: Sept/Oct/Nov

Due to a warm water current known as the Leeuwin Current, Rottnest Island generally has warmer water temperatures too, ranging from an average of 23°C in summer to 19°C in winter.


Current weather

This weather page is updated frequently. Please ensure these details are correct before planning any boating or land excursions. Click on the links below for more detailed weather and climate information.

Wave data for Rottnest Island
Historical Rottnest Island weather data
Recent Rottnest Island weather data


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Flora and fauna

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